Wanted: Exp.Telecomm Contractors- Brevard County, SIGN ON AVAILABLE

Jaguar Technologies, Inc., is a service-oriented business that facilitates the installation of residential and commercial coax for MSO's (multiple service organization) such as Bright House Networks and Comcast. We currently serve Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Flagler, and Brevard counties. Jaguar is seeking skilled contractors to install various types of equipment that MSO's offer, such as cable modems, digital phone modes, HDTV digital boxes and digital video recorders. The majority of the work Jaguar contracts out consists of routing coax cable from tap to outlet, and phone installations, that entail routing a Cat 5 usually from the NID to the outlet. Jaguar is seeking contractors who can work in various weather elements, attics, crawl spaces, and at heights in excess of 28 feet.
Contractor Requirements:
An insured truck, SUV or van which is capable of carrying a 28' ladder and less than 10 years old.
A current vehicle registration, proof of insurance, valid drivers' license and social security card.
A drug screening and background check that include criminal and motor vehicle reports.
Like any business owner, as a contractor you will need your own equipment to perform the installations, such as a ladder rack, cordless drill, 28' extension ladder, 6'-8' ladder, meter tool belt and hand tools. While these tools may be obtained from any hardware store, Jaguar offers a voluntary tool program with various vendors that allows contractors to purchase certain tools in advance.
There is a tremendous amount of flexibility and control as an independent contractor. We have some contractors that handle over $1000 worth of work a week, while others choose to handle less work. Contractors are paid for the work they complete, and are classified with the IRS as 1099. We offer a profitable business relationship where success directly correlates with productivity and quality.
Our core Company value is providing customers with the best possible service, and we expect the same of our contractors. We are a highly organized, dynamic group that strives to continuously raise the bar in Central Florida and the Space Coast. If you are looking to contract with hard working, committed people, than you found it.
Go to jaguartechnologies.com for contractor opportunities and apply today.

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